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The House on Mango Street

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Creative Extensions

Get ready to stroll down the creative side of Mango Street.  As you journey through the neighborhood, you will meet new and interesting characters and gain insights to their identities.  As you pass by New Artwork Avenue, Vignette Lane, Old Artwork Boulevard, and Matching Artwork Alley, feel free to enjoy our creative extensions from The House On Mango Street that our class has to offer.

We have taken original vignettes written by various students and paired them with correlating artwork.  Thank you for visiting the Creative Extensions portion of our website, we hope you have enjoyed your stay here on Mango Street.

New Artwork Avenue and Old Artwork Boulevard

Vignette Lane

Matching Artwork Alley

Stroll down our avenues of artwork and see what our class members have created.

Click here for Artwork

Here are some vignettes that were inspired by reading some vignettes from the book.

Click here for the vignettes...

Check out some ways these vignettes and pieces of artwork can work together.

Matching Artwork

Team Member:  Lee Zito and Lauren MacMillan Team Member:  Elizabeth Tuttle Team Member:  Angela Gawrich
creative-zitomacmillangawrich.jpg (18453 bytes)

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