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The House On Mango Street


 Compiled by Mandy Conover

Welcome to our web page entitled "Friendship."  This page is an extension of the topic "Social Issues" in The House On Mango Street.  The following on this page will discuss the examples found in The House On Mango Street involving Esperanza Cordero and those who live in her neighborhood.  You will read several portions of want ads created by students who read this book and thought about what exactly it is that they look for in a friend.  You will be introduced to Esperanza's desperation for a friend and her loneliness because of it.  At one point in the novel, she is so desperate for someone to share her secrets with that she pays a girl from her neighborhood five dollars to be her "friend."  While this situation is unique in itself, everyone can relate to it because... everyone needs a friend.  And everyone had been lonely and / or desperate at one time or another in their life. 

Hopefully, by the time you are finished with this reading, you will be inspired to examine the friendships in your own life, find the Esperanza inside yourself, and maybe even read the book.

1. Musts:  Kind, dependable, trustworthy, daring, willing to try new things, sense of humor, likes animals/sports, someone who isn’t afraid of what other people think of them, isn’t afraid to speak their mind.

-Contact A.J. (if you fit this description) at 555-1234

2. Friend Wanted:

Someone to talk to, share interests, go to concerts with. Someone I can be myself around. Insanity over No Doubt is helpful, but certainly not required.

-Contact Lee

3. Wanted: 14-year old female seeks Best Friend...

ages 13-16; interests include: laughing, playing the piano, horseback riding, having fun, going to the movies.

-Call 555-1234 if you are exciting, trustworthy, loyal, understanding, intelligent, and in need of a friend. Ask for Elizabeth.

4. ~Best Friend Wanted~

14-year old girl in search of someone who is caring, trustworthy, adventurous, has a good sense of humor, likes music, talking and just having fun!

-If you’re interested, please call 555-1234. Ask for Lauren.

5. Wanted: A Best Friend

WF in search of a friend who is able to enjoy a good laugh; enjoys sports; can offer a shoulder to cry on; is trustworthy and can have fun

-Interested? Call Stephanie 555-1234.

 6. Wanted...Best Friend

Someone who will listen, not judge; someone who will offer a shoulder to lean on( cry on if necessary). Someone who loves to laugh/have a good time. Must be able to keep secrets!

Sound like you? Gimme a call @ 555-1234. Ask for Mandy.

7. Need a friend?

If you like rap music, basketball, talking on the phone, watching BET, playing pool, and if you are loyal, honest, easy-going, and have a good sense of humor, call 555-1234. Ask for Ne Jamais.

8. Tall, blond female in search of a best friend. Must like athletics, serious talks, joking. Must love to party also. Must be animal/people friendly as well. M/F respond.

-Contact Kristen A.S.A.P

9. Ninth grade female seeking trustworthy, intelligent, funny, understanding, spontaneous, out-going, creative friend between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. Call 555-1234!

10.  If you are a high school student and you are in need of a new best friend, please call 555-1234. I enjoy football, rap, Sony Playstation. Ask for Mikael.

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Last updated:  Sunday, March 18, 2001

1998 - Hill, Lara and her English 1 Honors Class