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Quotes for Social Issues on Immigration

1. "America opened my eyes to a wider horizon of life."

2."America was a place for all these people (immigrants) to come, as I(Alfred Levitt) did, to seek their fortunes, to seek a hopeful place to spend their lives.

1 and 2 were quotes made by Alfred Levitt in the article "An Immigrant Enters the Land of Hope" printed in the Sunday, November 8, 1998 addition of "Parade".

3 "My (Ana Veciana-Suarez) mother...fled Communist Cuba in 1961, alone with 3 children... a gnawing aniexiety about an unknown future. She didn't know if she would see her mother, or my father...Nor did she know what future awaited her on foreign shores."

4 "We were strangers to this country, but it's here my family flourishes and found a home for our dreams."

5 "The promise of freedom and refuge beckoned her northward to the United States."

6 "Now, just two generations removed, our children trip on the language of their grandparents. They are proud of their Cuban heritage, love eating Cuban food and occasionally listen to a salsa song, but their home and their hearts are colored red, white and blue."

7 "Acculturation takes time, and no mater how it appears to us now, the recent arrivals will eventually adapt. They will mingle with other Americans. They will learn new ways on the job. They will purchase cars and homes. They will pay taxes. They will adopt to our ways and add some of theirs to the fabric of society."

3-7 were stated and written by Ana Veciana-Suarezin the article "Coming to America" This article was printed in "Back Talk"

8 "Some of the immigrants who came to America in the 1980s were not met with open arms, but with resentment and misunderstanding as debate raged over the impact of 9.5 million new residents in a decade- a record."

8 was printed in the article "Immigrants' status: Many factors mix in" The article was written by Margaret Usdansky in an addition of "USA Today"