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The House On Mango Street

Metaphors and Similes About Ourselves

Compiled by Bobbi Sue McArthur

In The House On Mango Street, Cisneros has a unique way of writing.   She uses literary devices to express her thoughts in an interesting way.   Metaphors, similes, and personification are just a few of the many devices Cisneros uses.  The devices give you a vivid image of what is being expressed in her writing.   Through the devices she expresses thoughts that you have to really think about to get.

Cisneros' writing is through vignettes.  In them, she writes only enough for you to know what's going on.  It also lets your mind wander.  Her writing allows you to go deeper into thought.  It lets the reader find out what she's really trying to express through her vignettes.  To me it seems as though her goal for the reader is to let them decide what is going to happen.  Since she writes compactly there is not much detail to get information from, so that lets you use your imagination.

Class Similes and Metaphors


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