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The House on Mango Street

Creative Extensions - Artwork

Compiled by Lee Zito and Lauren MacMillan

Have you ever read a book that creates such vivid images in your mind you can almost see them on paper?  The House On Mango Street is one such book.   Cisneros uses vivid metaphors and similes to highlight her talents.  From these, our group has created sketches and interpreted the writing in an artistic fashion.   In addition to the "old" artwork our classmates created (artwork created for assignments in class), our Creative Extensions group asked from volunteers to submit new pieces of artwork reflecting what Cisneros was expressing as well as students' original writing.  Click on the link below and you will find artwork from vignettes such as "Meme Ortiz," "Louie, His Cousin, and His Other Cousin," "Alicia Who Sees Mice," and "Those Who Don't." - Lauren MacMillan

cover-sheppard.jpg (61539 bytes)

based on the cover of The House On Mango Street - Lynne Sheppard

"Mango Street" - Laura Brientnall

"Stereotypes" - Angela Gawrich

"Meme's Tree" -


"Alicia / Tradition" - Nina Laney

"Louie" - Lee Zito

"Meme" - Lynne Sheppard