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The House On Mango Street

Matching Artwork Alley

Compiled by Angela Gawrich

Welcome to Matching Artwork Alley.  As you look to the right, and read the vignettes you can see the vivid images Cisneros puts in your head.  These images are important, because if she did not use such vivid descriptions in her writing art wouldn't be as important as it is in this book.  If art wasn't important as it is I wouldn't be giving you this tour, so let us get back to it.

Oh, look there is Esperanza's house with it's windows holding their breath, and it's feet tucked under it's self like a little cat.  By using literary devices, Cisneros seems to make her writing come alive.  This helps you get vivid pictures of it in your head of what is happening in the scene.  These vivid pictures help you to understand the writing, therefore making it easier for me to match the work.   Look quick, there goes "The Monkey Garden," where many vivid scenes are written.  Well, that concludes our tour down Matching Artwork Avenue.  I hope you enjoy your visit to The House on Mango Street.  Have a nice day!



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