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The House On Mango Street

Identity:  Names

Compiled by Lynne Sheppard

In the book, The House On Mango Street, Esperanza is trying to figure out her identity. She has to face other people's expectations of her while growing up. Esperanza is expected to marry and have a family because she is a poor girl growing up in the 1950's. She is supposed to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Esperanza wants to leave Mango Street, live on her own in her own house and remain single.

Like Esperanza we are struggling to understand who we are. In our English class, we wrote poems about identity. We took the meaning of our name and explained how they relate to us.



Beloved Amanda,

Is worthy of love.

I am as true to my name as the sky above.

I am as kind to my peers as one could be,

And that is how my name reflects the true me.


Amanda Ortiz



"A calm pool underneath a waterfall"


Underneath a roaring waterfall

Lays a calm, peaceful pool.


The crashing water falls onto

The pool breaking it's solitude.


Leaving a ripple that travels across

To the other side. While people stand and watch.

I stand quiet and alone

In a world filled with danger and confusion.


Society pressures falling onto me.

Breaking my good and innocent nature.


Leaving a mark which stays with me

In till the end. While people stand and watch.


Lynne Sheppard



"The Laurel shrub"


L - Laurel shrub, full of grace

A - Always has been fair of face

U - Used for perfume, to accent femininity

R - Represents victory and merit

E - Everlasting unforgetableness will stay

N - Nicknamed "Sweet Bay"



It originated from Italy so it is part of my heritage

It was my great uncle's name as well as my dad's

I love being the recipient of the family name

My name is more than what you call me

My name has a history that's deep

It's unique, and that adds to it's / my character

My name reflects me in many ways

I love my name and would never change it

It means so much to me to be named


Lawrence Monaco




The name Melissa is special,

It means honey or honeybee,

That's something I can relate to,

Not just something to put in tea.


Honey makes us feel better.

Just the same way that I try,

To help people when in need,

Is something that I live by.


The freedom the honeybee has,

Is something I have come to love,

Buzzing 'round on my very own,

With limits above and beyond.


Melissa Todd





I met myself in the hall today,

I found out who I am.

I also found out who I was,

I liked me better then.


Maybe I like myself the same,

But I have changed a lot.

Not a saint, though not a devil,

ME is who I sought.


I am growing, I'm mature,

A child deep within.

My identity has changed a lot,

But I am still Kristin.


Kristin Turner


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