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"Justice Must Be Served":  
A Web Quest for To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee


collage of Scout from

created by
Lara Hill, English Teacher
Rancocas Valley Regional High School 
Mount Holly, NJ 

based on a webquest by 

Georgia Edwards, English Department Coordinator, William Howard Taft High School, Northside Independent School District
 Darlyne Pederson, CMC Facilitator, Sandra Day O'Connor High School, Northside Independent School District

Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion  | Lesson Plan 


Scout has been trying to figure out life and the major issues that it has to offer.  As we have been investigating To Kill a Mockingbird and the themes of injustice and courage through this novel, we have shared her journey.  Now it is time for you to begin to process what you have been reading.  


The secret is out, and the townspeople know that Boo Radley was instrumental in
Mr. Ewell's death.  Justice must be served!

Use online and offline resources to create a class production of  Boo Radley's trial which will be presented to others.


Use the following resources to research your group's task.

Offline Resources
1.  Your copy of To Kill a Mockingbird issued by your teacher

2.  Video of To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck (available at any Blockbuster video store).

Online Resources
1.  Props, Costumes, Scenery



2.  Historical Archives



3.  Nut and Bolts of Courtroom Procedure





4.  Playwriting Help





5.  Important Social Issues







The Process
1. The class will be divided into five teams.  Each team will have one of  the following

Research the characters of the novel.
   Write the script for the production and assign roles to the class.  
Every member of the class should be cast in a role.  Think about how Boo Radley, who we assume is 
mentally challenged, would stand trial and how the jury would judge him.  Keep the characters true 
to the novel.

Historical Consultants:        
Research the region and time of the novel.  Find pictures that can be used to create virtual scenery for 
the class production.  Write an explanation of why the pictures are appropriate the the production.  Prepare a presentation about information that would be pertinent to this case.

Set Designers and Costumers:  
Research the clothing of the period of the novel.
   Gather or create clothing that will be worn by the main 
characters in the class production.  Write a description of each character's costume with an explanation 
as to why it is appropriate for the character.  Create props for the acting of the scene.

Legal Consultants:  
Research courtroom procedures.  Give an oral presentation to the class explaining each person's role in

the courtroom and the procedures of the trial.  Supply a written summary for each student.                                              

Social Workers:  Research social and cultural issues of the 1930s.  Give an oral presentation to the class explaining the treatment of mentally challenged people in the 1930s.  Also, address the legal issues surrounding the trying of a mentally challenged person for murder.  Supply a written summary for each student.

4.  Use online and offline resources to research your team's task.

5.   Social workers, legal consultants, and historical consultants will present their information to the class using PowerPoint on the agreed upon date.  

6.  Then all students will work together to assist the other teams with the writing and acting 
of the play.


Team Grades
    Team Products       = 100 pts.
    Class Production     =  50 pts.
    Total                     = 150 pts

A panel of judges will evaluate your class production and based on their
average score, each student will receive that score.


After completing this WebQuest, hopefully, you now have a  better understanding of  the effects of intolerance and injustice.  You should also have a better understanding of courtroom procedures and life in the South during the Depression.  How will this experience affect your relationships with people who are different than yourself? 


Image and Sound Credits

Collage of Scout.  [Online Image]  Available  06/10/99

Mockingbird and nest. [Online Image]  Available  06/10/99

Chirping birds background sound.  [Online Wav File]  Available  06/10/99 



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