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The House on Mango Street

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from Miss Hill's English 1 Honors Class - Fall 1998 - Block 1

Rancocas Valley Regional High School, Mount Holly, NJ


In The House On Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros creates many memorable characters through Esperanza's youthful eyes.  Throughout the book, friends and family help mold the girl's identity.  This section will give you a look at nine influential characters:  Sally, Lucy, Rachel, Meme, Alicia, Marin, Mama, Papa and an unbiased opinion about Esperanza herself.  We chose these characters because they seemed to play most significant roles throughout the novel.  This portion of the web page will give you an in-depth look at each character.  It will examine their personality, physical characteristics, relationship to Esperanza, and more through artwork and written word.  Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of some of the people on Mango Street.

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What We Imagined the Different Characters Could Look Like

Throughout Esperanza's life she will come in contact with many people who will affect her personality.  Among these people, the ones who she meets daily, is her family.  In life, you are given the opportunity to choose your friends, but family; that's not an option.  What you get is what you will live with forever.  In Esperanza's family, personalities are as different as smiles and frowns.  Does this environment of diverse personalities benefit Esperanza, or does it add fog to the unclear path that is Esperanza's life?  This will give you a more in-depth look at the people that Esperanza spends her daily life with; her mother, her father and an unbiased opinion about Esperanza herself. - Laura Baggaley


esperanza-baggaley.jpg (23591 bytes) mama-baggaley.jpg (19414 bytes)
In the book The House On Mango Street, Lucy, Alicia, and Marin represent the age differences in Esperanza's life.  It shows Esperanza's reaction tot friends who are older like Alicia and Marin as well as younger like, Lucy.  Esperanza treats her friends as equals, she values friendship and is willing to welcome it as it comes no matter what age.  Her friends play a role in her life because of the age differences.  Esperanza looks up to Alicia and Marin throughout the book and shows respect toward both of them because they are older.   You will get a closer look at these characters and many others as you continue reading. - Melissa Todd


I chose to portray, through my artwork and writing, three of Esperanza's acquaintances:  Sally, Meme and Rachel.  I picked these characters because I saw a specific link between them.  Although it is shown in different ways, all that these characters want is friendship.  Rachel asks for five dollars in exchange for her friendship.   Though they have little in common, Sally befriends Esperanza for someone to talk to.  Meme risks broken bones in the jumping contest for attention and, hopefully, a few new companions.  This portion of the web site will explore this and other similarities between the characters.  - Lesley Sico


Sally is one of Esperanza's closest friends.  Sally is older and more mature than her friend, and this often creates awkward situations between the girls.  Although her fathers tries to keep her away from men, Sally is flirtatious and experienced when it comes to the opposite sex.  She is outgoing and wildly charismatic, and loves to boast about her adventures.  Even though Sally seems content and happy, she is eternally scarred by the abuse she receives from her father.  The beatings are usually not used as punishment, but instead as prevention.  Sally's father does not want her to turn out like his sisters, who were loose, foolish women.  He sees his daughter as the common housewife, and Sally is determined to overcome this image.   She has great potential as a person, if only Sally could find her niche.



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