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The House On Mango Street

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Theme:  What We Learned From the Book...

Helllllooo!  Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace!  Entre, entre, make yourself at home!  Take your shoes off, have a seat!  (That is, if you can figure out how to have a seat in your computer).  Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for the most exquisite writing on the Net.

If you have a serious phobia of demented, twisted, creative writing, press the back button on your browser now, otherwise, read on!  Okay, okay, so it doesn't exactly reflect how twisted we, the authors, are.  We toned it down a little for you.   However, it does beautifully portray our intellect and stupendous writing skills.

Our main topic was a thematic interpretation of the book, that is, an overview of what the author is trying to tell us through the book.  How does it apply to us, and what was the overall purpose of the topics she discussed through the events and characters in the book The House On Mango Street.  We each chose subtopics under our group's topic to expand on, which were independence, overcoming predetermined lifestyles, and hope.  We have collected many works illustrating these ideas to showcase here.   These products reflect what we as individuals see in the book, how we interpret it, what we learned from it, and our opinions on the topics addressed.  So please, take the time to read them, and prepare to be astounded by our literary genius!


Examples of Hope

Affects of Predetermined Lifestyles

Predictions About Esperanza

One of the lessons of the book is about hope.  Click below to see what we learned.

Theme of Hope

Another theme addressed in the book is about the affects of predetermined lifestyles. 

Theme of the Affects of Predetermined Lifestyles

Independence is a strong idea throughout the book.  Click below to see what we thought Cisneros' was trying to say... and what we thought might have happened to Esperanza in the future.

Independence and Predictions

Team Member:  Jeremy Grey Team Member:  Nina Laney Team Member: Amy Peterson
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