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The House On Mango Street

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Esperanza in All of Us

How do we relate to Esperanza?  How do we relate to each other?  We all have the same wants and needs.  Everybody wants to have fun, to make friends, to smile, to laugh, and to shout. 

Just like everyone does, Esperanza is trying to understand who she is.  As we grow older, we too are trying to find who we are.   We all experience many challenges and go through a number of different changes.   We can not deny that at some point, we felt the same as Esperanza, the same as each other.

Different but Same

Embarrassing Story

Identity and Names

The experience of Esperanza reflects that though there are many differences between all of us... there are also many similarities.  Check out a survey of just a sampling of our class and see the differences... and the similarities.

Different but Same

Esperanza experienced embarrassment and discrimination in the book... and in most cases, these experiences have happened to all of us.  As a journal assignment, our class had to write a story about a time that we felt embarrassed or discriminated against.  Here are a few.

Embarrassing Stories

One of the most evident aspects of our identity is our name.  In this web page, our class mates share poems that they wrote about their own names.

Name Poems

Team Member:  Stepahnie Doherty Team Member:  Jennifer Hollowniczky Team Member:  Lynne Sheppard
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