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The House On Mango Street

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Use Of Language

Sandra Cisneros has a unique way of writing.  She expresses herself through different vignettes and many literary devices.  Her writing is like a blank sheet of paper because you never know where she is going with it until you finish the piece.   One of Cisneros' strong points is her use of literary devices.  The way she uses the literary devices allows the reader to get a vivid image of the topic being discussed.  Another one of Sandra Cisneros' techniques is the compact way she writes.   She lets the reader decide on the topic and how they want to interpret the piece.   This, in turn, allows the reader's mind, once again to wander as it chooses.   All these things were important in the book and are also very unique things about how the literary devices and language is used by Sandra Cisneros.

Compact Language

Examples of Metaphor / Similes

Literary Devices

Check out some metaphors / similes that we wrote about Esperanza.

Compact Language

Here are some metaphors and similes that class members wrote about themselves.

Class Metaphors

This page focuses specifically on Cisneros' use of literary devices in the vignette called, "Our Good Day."

Literary Devices

Team Member:  Amy Rivera Team Member:  Bobbi Sue McArthur Team Member: Laura Brientnall
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