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The House on Mango Street

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Our Reviews

from Miss Hill's English 1 Honors Class - Fall 1998 - Block 1

Rancocas Valley Regional High School, Mount Holly, NJ

Welcome to the review section of The House On Mango Street web page.   In the review section, we have the reviews of our class, the reviews of our teachers, and our reviews.  We also have a pie chart so that it is easier to understand the information.  Either if you have read the book or haven't, we hope that these reviews help you better enjoy Sandra Cisneros' novel, The House On Mango Street.

Overall Review

In-depth Reviews

Our Own Reviews

Here is a pie chart showing what the class members who were surveyed thought about The House on Mango Street.

Our Pie Chart

We asked some of our class mates (and teachers too!) to review The House on Mango Street.

In-depth Reviews

Here is what we thought about the book.

Our Review

Team Member:  Kyle Sickles Team Member:  Mike Piston Team Member:  Chad Basham

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1998 - Hill, Lara and her English 1 Honors Class